Frequently asked questions

What's the Papan Construction?

Papan Construction is a subsidiary of Papan Architect engaged in contracting and executing buildings, interiors, and landscapes.

Papan Construction serve development in which areas?

Currently we only serve development in the Lombok area.

What Data do I need to prepare?

Fill in the form on link here for the necessary data.

Is it possible to revise the building during construction?

Any form of revision is better done at the planning stage, if there is a change in the development stage, we will count it as plus/minus work.

What is included in the price package?

In the price package only for the main building, not including work on the perimeter fence, garden, pool, pavement & canopy carport.

Can bonuses be used if you don't use a Papan Construction?

Coupon bonuses can only be claimed if using a Papan Construction.

Does the Bonus have an active period?

Yes, the bonus coupon is only valid for 1 year after the building is completed .

How Does A Papan Construction Work?
  • Stage 1, Free consultation with Papan Construction team
  • Stage 2, Fill in your project requirements form here
  • Stage 3, Get the best deals
  • Stage 4, Contract Signature
  • Stage 5, Building Planning
  • Stage 6Construction, Execution Of Buildings
  • Stage 7, Building maintenance
How Is The Papan Construction Payment System?

Payment levels will be divided into 5 levels:

  • Stage 1. DP 5%, a sign so the planning stage
  • Stage 2. 30%, Development Progress 0%
  • Stage 3. 30%, Development Progress 30%
  • Stage 4. 30%, Development Progress 60%
  • Stage 5. 5%, Development Progress 100%

Build Your Dream Building With Us

Our commitment is to turn your dreams into reality through quality construction.