8 Tips for Optimizing Space in Your Small Home

Facing space challenges in a small house often requires creativity and the right strategy. As Lombok Contractor experienced in designing and building various types of houses, we understand how important it is to use space efficiently. This article will provide eight practical tips to help you optimize the space in your small home, so you can enjoy a comfortable and functional environment.

1. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is the main key to maximizing space in a small house. Choose a sofa with storage underneath, a dining table that can be folded, or a bed with storage drawers underneath. Lombok Contractor often recommend these solutions to our clients to save space without sacrificing comfort.

2. Take advantage of the walls with wall shelves

Walls are often a neglected area in small homes. Take advantage of empty wall space by installing wall shelves or hanging cupboards. You can store books, decorations, or other small items without sacrificing valuable floor space. Papan Construction often use this technique to provide additional storage solutions in renovation projects.

3. Choose bright colors and good lighting

Bright colors such as white, cream, or light gray can give the illusion of a larger, brighter space. Combine with good lighting, including strategic spotlights or table lamps, to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere in your home. Lombok Contractor always advise clients to consider good lighting in their interior design.

4. Choose furniture with open legs

Furniture with open legs gives the illusion of more space because it allows views through and under the furniture. A sofa, table, or cupboard with open legs will make the room look more spacious and less crowded. This is a design trick often used by Papan Construction to create a sense of greater space in their renovation projects.

5. Create a flexible partition

If you need to separate rooms without restricting the flow of light or space, consider using flexible partitions. Folding screens or large curtains can be used to divide a room into different areas without taking up too much space. Lombok Contractor can help you design a partition that suits the style and needs of your home.

6. Choose Sliding or Folding Doors

Sliding or folding doors are a great option to save the space usually required for revolving doors. They reduce the space required to open and close doors, thereby providing more usable space in the room. Papan Construction often use sliding or folding doors in renovation projects to maximize available space.

7. Efficient Organization

Designate an area for each item and maintain the habit of storing your items after use. Use drawer organizers, storage boxes, or additional shelves to keep your home neat and organized. Lombok Contractor often provides suggestions on how to improve organization at home to make it more comfortable and efficient.

8. Use mirrors to create a spacious impression

Mirrors are a magical tool for creating the illusion of a larger space. Place large mirrors on strategic walls to reflect light and views, so the room feels more spacious and brighter. This is a design trick often used by Papan Construction to improve the appearance and function of spaces in their renovation projects.


Optimizing space in a small home requires a little creativity and careful planning. By implementing the tips above, you can create a comfortable, functional and attractive environment without having to undertake major renovations. Contractor Lombok and Papan Construction ready to help you design and transform your small house into the ideal place to suit your needs and lifestyle. Don't hesitate to contact us for further consultation or to start your renovation project.

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