6 Trends in Modern Home Architecture that are Currently Popular

In the world of home architecture, trends always develop over time. As Lombok Contractor who always follow the latest developments in design and construction, we see that this year several modern home architectural trends have become very popular. This article will explain the six main trends that are currently on the rise and are a favorite choice for those who want to build or renovate their home.

1. Minimalist design with a natural touch

Minimalist design remains the main choice for many people, but this time with a stronger natural touch. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and glass that allow natural light to filter in is an integral part of this trend. Lombok Contractor often combining these elements to create a home that is in harmony with its natural surroundings.

2. Environmentally Friendly House with Green Technology

Sustainable trends are increasingly being adopted in modern architectural design. Eco-friendly homes with green technology such as solar panels, rainwater collection systems and eco-friendly building materials are becoming popular choices. As Contractor, we are committed to incorporating this green technology into our projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

3. Harmonious integration of outdoor and indoor spaces

Current trends also include better integration between outdoor and indoor spaces. Houses with terraces or courtyards that blend seamlessly with the living room or kitchen are increasingly in demand. Lombok Contractor often design these spaces to create a seamless flow between interior and exterior, creating a more open and spacious living experience.

4. Open and flexible interior design

Open and flexible interior designs are a favorite because they give the impression of a larger and more comfortable space. Foldable or sliding walls, as well as the use of transparent or minimalist partitions, are part of this trend. As Lombok Contractor, we are experienced in creating flexible spaces to suit our clients' needs and lifestyles.

5. Technology-Based Home with Smart Automation

Smart technology is increasingly penetrating modern architectural design. Homes with intelligent automation systems for temperature control, lighting, security and other conveniences are increasingly in demand. Lombok Contractor provides these solutions to improve comfort and energy efficiency in modern homes.

6. Touches of Contemporary and Traditional Architecture

The last trend that is currently popular is the combination of contemporary and traditional architectural elements. For example, a house with a modern structure but with a roof or facade that adopts local or traditional architectural elements. Lombok Contractor understand the importance of local and cultural uniqueness in home design, and we often combine these elements with modern design to create homes that are unique and of great value.


Choosing an architectural trend that suits your needs and lifestyle is very important when building or renovating a home. By adopting modern trends such as minimalist design with a natural touch, environmentally friendly homes, harmonious integration of outdoor and indoor spaces, open and flexible interior design, smart technology, and a combination of contemporary and traditional architecture, you can create a dream home that is not only beautiful but also functional. Lombok Contractor siap membantu Anda mewujudkan visi tersebut dengan profesionalisme dan keahlian kami dalam industri konstruksi.

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