5 Eco-Friendly Building Materials You Should Consider

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, choosing environmentally friendly building materials is becoming increasingly important. As Lombok Contractor committed to sustainable development, we identified five building materials that not only support environmental conservation efforts, but also have their own qualities and advantages in modern construction. This article will explain why you should consider these materials for your building or renovation project.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo has long been known as an environmentally friendly building material due to its rapid growth and ability to reduce carbon footprints. Bamboo can be used for various construction purposes such as floors, walls, roofs and furniture. Its advantages include high strength, light weight, and weather resistance. Lombok Contractor often recommend the use of bamboo in our projects to promote sustainability and natural beauty.

2. Environmentally Friendly Bricks

Bricks produced with environmentally friendly technology can be a good choice for your building construction. The raw materials used often come from industrial waste or low-waste clay. More efficient production processes also reduce carbon emissions. Papan Construction has used this type of brick in several building projects to achieve green standards and minimize environmental impact.

3. Environmentally Friendly Paint

Choosing environmentally friendly paint also contributes to building sustainability. Environmentally friendly paint generally has low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds), thereby reducing indoor air pollution. Some paints even use natural or recycled ingredients for their pigments and binders. Lombok Contractor always advise clients to choose environmentally friendly paint to maintain good air quality in the house.

4. Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials such as recycled wood, recycled steel or recycled glass can greatly reduce the carbon footprint and construction waste. Recycled wood, for example, has a unique aesthetic and helps reduce pressure on natural forests. Papan Construction often use recycled materials in our projects to achieve higher sustainability goals and add value to interior and exterior designs.

5. Heat Absorbing Material

Building materials that can absorb heat such as reflective coated roofing materials or walls with good thermal insulation can help reduce energy consumption for cooling or heating rooms. This not only reduces operational costs, but also helps reduce the carbon footprint of your building. Lombok Contractor can help you select and install heat-absorbing materials that suit your local climate and home energy needs.


Choosing environmentally friendly building materials is an important step in supporting environmental sustainability and building healthier homes or buildings. By considering bamboo, eco-friendly bricks, eco-friendly paint, recycled materials and heat-absorbing materials, you not only contribute to environmental conservation, but also benefit from better quality and energy efficiency. Lombok Contractor and Papan Construction ready to help you plan and implement projects with an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach. Contact us today for further consultation and start building a greener future.

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